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HISTORY Guimarães was born here

Menino. Pormenor dos painéis em talha da Igreja do Convento de Santa Clara. Século XVIII.

Museu de
Alberto Sampaio

The Museum is situated in the very heart of the Historic Centre of Guimarães, a World Heritage Site, in the building of the first monastery built in the city.

  • 10th century

    Countess Mumadona Dias creates the primeval monastery.

  • 12th century

    The monastery is transformed into a Collegiate Church by Count Dom Henrique.

  • 20th century

    In 1928, the Museu de Alberto Sampaio is officially created.

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Activities for the whole family

The Museu de Alberto Sampaio, in Guimarães, provides a set of activities that were conceived not only for families but also for schoolchildren and students. Visit us!

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Visit Some National Treasures

Cálice em prata dourada. Século XII.
Tríptico da Natividade. Altar em prata dourada com esmaltes. Finais do Sséculo XIV.
Santa Maria de Guimarães. Imagem em prata dourada e esmalte. Século XIV.
Cruz processional em prata dourada. Século XIV.
Loudel de D. João I. Veste militar do século XIV.
Cofre relicário em prata sobre estrutura de madeira. Século XIII.
Custódia em prata dourada. Século XVI.
Cálice em prata dourada com aplicações em esmalte. Século XIII.
Cruz Processional em prata branca e dourada. Século XVI.
Cofre relicário em prata dourada e esmalte. Século XV.

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There’s nothing that can replace the physical presence of the visitor inside the space of the museum. However, for the visitor that wasn’t able to come to the museum yet and for those who wish to recall our rooms and pieces later, we have prepared this virtual visit.

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