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Our Lady of the Purification


Our Lady of the Purification

Author: Unknown

Date: 16th century, end

Material: Polychromed limestone

Dimensions (cm): H 85 x W 29 x D 23

Provenance: Unknown

Inventory No.: MAS E 29

Sculpture representing Our Lady of the Purification, in a slightly bent pose, with a light green long tunic, a greenish blue mantle and a crown on the head, and holding the Child Jesus playing with a dove in her left arm. Her right hand holds the Child’s little foot.

Our Lady of the Purification is one of the many titles by which the Catholic Church worships the Virgin Mary. The designation is associated with the ritual of the Leviticus, in the Holy Bible, according to which all women who gave birth were impure for forty days, after which they should present the child in the temple and there leave her offer: doves or turtledoves.