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Saint Thomas


Saint Thomas

Author: Unknown

Date: 16th century

Material: Polychromed limestone

Dimensions (cm): H 73,5 x W 26,5 x D 20,5

Provenance: Unknown

Inventory No.: MAS E 109

Image of Saint Thomas, barefooted, with long beard and hair, wearing a long red tunic fastened with a belt in the waist and a green mantle over it. It presents as attributes a spear, alluding to the weapon that caused his martyrdom, and a belt, the symbol of his disbelief regarding the Assumption of the Virgin. He also holds a book in the left hand.

Thomas was a fisher in Galilee and he became a disciple of Christ.

The two most popular features of his life are the incredulity and his apostolate in India.

His incredulity is shown twice. In the first episode, Thomas refuses to believe in the Resurrection of Jesus (Jo 20, 24 –

29); in the second episode, completely legendary, the apostle refuses to believe the Assumption of the Virgin and, therefore, he has Her tomb opened and he finds it full of flowers. The Virgin, in heaven, unfastens Her belt and lets it fall in Thomas’s hands.

Thomas incredulity made him the patron saint of judges, who, in their profession, must take careful decisions and be able to be critical about the testimonies.