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Snuffer or Wick trimmer with tray


Snuffer or Wick trimmer with tray

Author: Joaquim José Palhares

Date: 1851 – 1869

Material: White silver

Dimensions (cm): Tray: H 2,5 x W 24,7 x D 11,6 | Trimmer: H 4 x W 16,5 x D 5,4

Provenance: Unknown

Inventory No.: MAS O 193 (2/2)

Scissor with a box for the wicks decorated on one of the sides with raised floral motifs. It has scalloped and sculpted stems ornamented with floral motifs and circular handles. The lower part is plain and rests on three feet.

The wick trimmers, or snuffers, complemented the pieces of lighting with wick, as they were used to cut the carbonized ends (wicks). These trimmers have a small box to keep the burnt ends and, like this one, they usually have three feet resting on a tray, as in the case of this set.

The tray is almost rectangular, the largest sides being decorated in the edges with a cable-twist moulding and the shortest ones with raised phytomorphic and floral motifs. The well is plain and decorated with a cartouche with a frame of cable-twist moulding and decorated with phytomorphic motifs and a central flower. It has four claw-shaped feet.