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Saint Mary the Beautiful


Saint Mary the Beautiful

Author: Coimbra school

Date: 14th century

Material: Polychromed limestone

Dimensions (cm): H 91 x W 33 x D 24

Provenance: Guimarães, Casa das Corujeiras

Inventory No.: MAS E 108

This is a standing Virgin, holding the Child Jesus in her left arm, in design typical of the sculpture of the Gothic style. The Lady presents the head covered with a veil and she is wearing a long gown. Sitting on her left arm, and partially wrapped in the mantle, is a representation of the Child Jesus. This sculpture, of good plasticity, still presents vestiges of polychromy. It is associated with the productions of the Coimbra school and influenced by work of Master Pêro, a remarkable sculptor from the 14th century.