Museum opening hours: Temporariamente encerrado para obras de requalificação




The best visit to a museum, any museum, is to visit it in body and soul! Nothing can replace the visitor’s physical presence within the museum space. Its spirit can only be fully experienced when we are there, in body and soul…

However, by allowing the visitor to know a museum via a computer screen, one hopes to awaken in the virtual visitor the desire to really visit the museum that he has only seen through words and pictures. Here we suggest a virtual visit to the museum that was born in the same place where Portugal was born, the Museu de Alberto Sampaio.

As soon as the visitor enters the museum, he is invited to leave! Yes, it is true. Still recovering from the welcoming modernity of the space of the reception, he is invited to exit to the Cloister, the beautiful cloister of the Museu de Alberto Sampaio.

This museum brings together two ancient elements – a building laden with history and an emblematic collection, almost all conceived for that space. There are pieces that have been here for many centuries!


Claustro e jardim do Museu

Silverware Room

Exposição permanente

Aljubarrota Room

Permanent exhibition. Aljubarrota Room

Fresco Painting Room

Fresco Painting Room - Permanent exhibition

Painting and Sculpture Room

Exposição permanente

Saint Clare’s Room

Woodcarving. Permanent exhibition

Woodcarving Room

Woodcarving Room

Chapter Room

Detail of the ceiling ofthe Chapter Room. XVIIIth century