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Our Lady and Saint John the Evangelist



Our Lady and Saint John the Evangelist

Author: Unknown

Date: 16th century

Material: Polychromed gesso on wood

Dimensions (cm): H 71,5 x W 27 x D 33,5

Provenance: Guimarães, Colegiada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Capela dos Pinheiros

Inventory No.: MAS E 2


Representation of the Virgin with her right hand on the chest, supported by Saint John the Evangelist.

The representation of the Virgin accompanied by John the Evangelist is based on the biblical text, according to which Jesus, already crucified, entrusts John with the mission of taking care of His Mother. If until the end of the 13th century, the Virgin and Saint John are positioned on each side of the cross, after the 14th century, it is common to place them on the same side, which conveys an intense emotive effect.

This sculpture and two others (MAS E 3 e MAS E 5) were part of a calvary that decorated the Capela dos Pinheiros, located on the ground floor of the bell tower of the church of the Colegiada. The Capela dos Pinheiros is the burial place for Doctor Pedro Esteves, Magistrate and Auditor to the Duke of Bragança, and his wife, Dona Isabel Pinheiro. This couple, whose residence was the Solar dos Pinheiros, in Barcelos, was buried in the Collegiate Church of Guimarães, where one of their children, Dom Diogo Pinheiro, took holy orders and was prior (between 1503 and 1514).