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Saint Bishop


Saint Bishop

Author: Unknown

Date: 16th century

Material: Polychromed wood

Dimensions (cm): H 77 x W 28,5 x D 16

Provenance: Guimarães, Casa da Aveleira

Inventory No.: MAS E 115


Sculpture representing a bishop. It is quite damaged, but the position of the right arm indicates the probable presence of a crosier; from the height of the wood above the head it is also possible to infer the probable presence of a mitre. It comes, together with five others, [a Virgin (MAS E 116), two Angels (MAS E 117 and E 118), a Saint Pope (MAS E 114) and a Saint Paul (MAS E 113)] from the chapel of the Casa da Aveleira. Given the similitude of dimensions, one thinks they might have been created for the same Renaissance altarpiece and, in spite of the damage caused by the wood worm they still allow a glimpse of a great quality of execution.