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Baptism of Christ



Baptism of Christ

Author: Unknown

Date: 17th century

Material: Polychromed gesso on wood

Dimensions (cm): H 248 x W 146

Provenance: Guimarães, church of the Convento de Santa Clara

Inventory No.: MAS E 10


At the centre, Christ is being baptized by Saint John the Baptist. The latter, with his right hand, holds the shell that pours the holy water over Christ’s head, surrounded by a golden halo. On the left, an angel holds Christ’s tunic. On the upper part, little angel winged heads surround the white dove of the Holy Spirit.

The episode of the Baptism of Christ is described in the Bible in the Gospels of Saint Matthew, Saint Luke and Saint John.

This panel and the one of the Holy Family (MAS E 9) once flanked and decorated the crossing arch outside the chancel of the church of the Convento de Santa Clara.