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Valance edge


Valance edge

Author: Unknown

Date: 19th century, middle

Material: Gilded and polychromed wood

Dimensions (cm): H 86 x W 152,5

Provenance: Guimarães, Colegiada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

Owner: Guimarães, Colegiada de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira

Inventory No.: MAS ED 35


Decorative motif with the shape of two united circles, forming a kind of bow and having, in the centre, a bouquet of flowers.

This piece belonged to one of the four lateral altars still existing in the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira.

This neoclassical woodcarving was disassembled during the restoring works carried out by the Direção Geral de Edifícios e Monumentos Nacionais, according to criteria that aimed at recovering the “primitive ambiance” of the temple.